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York Associates

York Associates is a leading provider of international team and leadership training, and as a pioneer in professional English and international communication training we run teacher training courses to familiarise trainers with our methodology. We also publish regularly in the field of language, international communication and leadership.

Advanced International Communication

Become a highly effective international communicator with our Advanced International Communication course. This flagship training programme builds on the first three dimensions of our training – English language, professional communication and intercultural skills – by including a fourth dimension of essential international collaboration skills (building trusting relationships, influencing, managing conflict and handling feedback), the key people skills for success across cultures.

This course is delivered by our trainers and professional coaches (qualifying for Level 7 Institute of Leadership and Management) who will provide you with the support and feedback to help you enhance your performance and achieve better results as an international communicator.

Business Communication

Become more effective when communicating with international contacts. By following a Business Communication course, you will develop the English you need at work – grammar and business / profession-specific vocabulary. You can also work on your professional communication skills such as leading / participating in (virtual) meetings, delivering presentations, negotiating, telephoning, socialising and writing emails. This course will also help you increase your intercultural competence (understanding ‘culture’, profiling your own and others’ culture) and give you tips to manage diversity effectively.

Communicating in Virtual Teams

This practical course is for professionals who are leading or working in international virtual teams. Participants will build understanding of the challenges of leading and communicating in international virtual teams, identify best practice in key areas of international team work, and develop the knowledge, behaviours and attitudes necessary to achieve results.

York will keep you as busy as you want to be. There is so much to visit and discover.

York Minster is one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in northern Europe dating back to the 13th century and famous all over the world for its huge stained glass windows. It is just one of the many extraordinary places to visit.

There are over thirty museums, galleries and tours to experience in the city. York’s Jorvik museum is a world-famous exploration of Viking culture. The National Railway Museum houses one of the best collections of steam engines and carriages anywhere. The Castle Museum offers amazing examples of recreated rooms and streets for you to experience English history.


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